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Level up your data game.

Stay on top of the latest tools and techniques with monthly deep dives, access to Data Elixir’s AI assistant, and a weekly roundup of the top discussions in data.

Subscription includes:

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Monthly Deep Dives

Monthly deep dives focus on a single trending topic and surfaces the best posts, tutorials, and resources from around the web. It’s similar in style as Data Elixir but each issue goes deep on a single topic.

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Data Pilot

Data Pilot is Data Elixir’s GPT-4o powered assistant that can help with any topic from the newsletter over the past 5 years. Data Pilot can help you with research, code development, SQL, data analysis, troubleshooting, and more.

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🎧 TL;DL - Data Podcasts

Too many great podcasts. Too little time to listen. 🎧 TL;DL is a personalized newsletter that will help you keep up! Each Friday, you’ll get an email roundup of the latest week’s top data podcasts; customized to your specific interests.

Code Development

Practical coding. Reproducible pipelines. Software by example. Setting up a new machine for data work. Effective testing and debugging.

Career Development

Data Career Development

Data leadership realities. Finding your superpower. How to waste a career. Interviewing for data roles. Red flags to watch for. Salaries and negotiation.

Working with Time Series

Classical methods. Dynamic time warping. Causal impact analysis. Anomaly detection. Prophet. Visualization. Transformers.

Investing With Data

Intro to market analysis with data. Machine learning powered stock picking. Toolkits. Where to get data.


data visualization

Data Visualization

A masterclass in data visualization: step-by-step tutorials, open-access books, latest research, examples, and more.

50 Years of SQL

50 Years of SQL

SQL from scratch. Advanced tutorials. The untold story of SQLite. Postgres Meme. Beyond SQL. GPT-4o powered SQL Tutor.

Data Pilot

Data Pilot is Data Elixir’s GPT-4o powered assistant that’s designed to help you with data-related tasks. Use it to clarify concepts, write code, strategize data analysis, troubleshoot data issues, tune models, develop writing topics, prep for interviews, and lots more. It’s powered by GPT-4o, which is arguably the most capable LLM available in July, 2024. Just tell it what you’re working on and go from there. Click below for examples:

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🎧 TL;DL – Data Podcasts

🎧 TL;DL is a weekly roundup of the top data podcasts. You choose the topics you’re interested in and each week, you’ll get a personalized newsletter with short summaries, key points, and links from the podcast episodes that match your interests. Topics include Analytics, Coding, AI & ML, Visualization, Applications, and a section of Editor Picks. Recent discussions cover why machine learning projects fail, strategies for finding your ideal data job, AI startup opportunities, scaling NLP, the art of technical storytelling and lots more. Never miss out on a great discussion again!

Podcasts covered include:

  • The AI Podcast via NVIDIA
  • Analytics Power Hour
  • Data Engineering Podcast
  • DataFramed
  • Data is Plural
  • Data Skeptic
  • DataTalks.Club
  • Data Viz Today
  • The Gradient
  • Gradient Dissent
  • Latent Space
  • Leaders of Analytics
  • Machine Learning Street Talk
  • Microsoft Research
  • PolicyViz
  • Practical AI
  • R for the Rest of Us
  • R Weekly Highlights
  • Stats + Stories
  • storytelling with data
  • Super Data Science
  • Talk Python to Me
  • Vanishing Gradients
  • Women in Data Science


How much does it cost?



Are team plans available?

Yes. A Team Plan is available for groups of 3 or more and can be purchased by an individual manager. Team Plans cost $75/person and can be purchased here > 


Do new subscribers get access to the Deep Dives that have already been published?


How is Data Pilot different than ChatGPT?

Data Pilot is specifically built for data science Q/A and use-cases. It also uses the latest, most capable LLM and runs on Azure for privacy — your chats are not used to improve models and are not available to anyone beyond your chat.

Do I get unlimited use of Data Pilot?

Almost. There’s a limit of 400 questions/month, which is more than enough for nearly all users. Question credits reset monthly, starting from the date your subscription begins.

I'm not interested in podcasts. Can I opt-out of the 🎧 TL;DL newsletter?
Yes, definitely. Just don’t select any topics for 🎧 TL;DL and you won’t get the newsletter.
Can I get access to the Data Elixir Archives?
Yes. Pro subscribers get access to prior issues of Data Elixir back to October, 2019.
Are there ads?

Nope. Subscribers don’t see ads anywhere. Not in Data Pilot. Not in the 🎧 TL;DL newsletter. Not in the monthly deep-dive. And not even in your weekly issue of Data Elixir.

I have other questions. How can I contact you?

The easiest way to send a question is to use Data Elixir’s Contact Form 👉

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Stay on top of the latest tools and techniques with monthly deep dives, access to Data Elixir’s AI assistant, and a weekly roundup of the top discussions in data.

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